1961 Chevy Corvette Former Drag Racer


Status: For Sale By Owner
: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Year: 1961
Engine: 327ci V8 (SBC)
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Body: Conv. w/ hartop
Color: Yellow over Black w/
original race livery
Location: Bozeman, MT
Shipping: Yes, buyer's expense
Revo Summary: A throw back to the mid 1960s racing scene, road legal and registered (MT), a symbol of American car culture and a Genuine article of Butte, MT racing history.
Price: Please inquire


Ever ask your wife before a weekend drive: Does this blower make my Butte look big?

Joking aside, this is an amazing opportunity to own the Genuine article. A former drag racer which hearkens back to a time in America when weekend racing drove pop culture and influenced the decisions made in the boardrooms of the Big Three. This 1961 model may have left the factory as a convertible bound for sunny Sunday cruises, but its owner had a different vision. Likely before delivery, it was fitted with a very unique fiberglass nose piece (period Corvette aftermarket parts catalog featuring the nose piece will be included in the sale). It was also fitted with a monster blower with custom hood and blower cover. Note, the blower was removed by the current owner in the interest of reliability and driveability. It wears a custom yellow/gold over black paint scheme with sponsorship from several iconic Butte, MT businesses and parts suppliers.


Details include:

  • 327ci small block chevy motor, mated to a four speed manual transmission;
  • Custom nose cone;
  • Hard top with convertible soft top underneath;
  • Cloth/velour interior trim in good condition;
  • Staggered fitment, street legal tires;

Revolving Garage is continuing to gather information and details about this listing, and will update as they are received. Please inquire at info@revogarage.com with interest, questions, or requests for specific pictures.