2001 Porsche 911 Turbo

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Make: Porsche

Model: 911 Turbo

Year: 2001

Location: Bozeman, MT 59781

Mileage: 57,000

VIN: 123ABC456DEF7

Drive train: 3.6L turbo, 6 speed manual

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This 2001 911 Turbo has covered 57,000 miles, and is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission and “Seal Grey” paint on the outside (option code “L6B4“) with a black full leather interior on the inside (option code “AD”). Known by enthusiasts as a 996TT (996 is Porsche’s internal designation for ‘99 to ‘04 911s, and TT represents the twin turbo chargers in this model). This car was built in August of 2000, per the included Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche. The CoA and build sticker on the inside of the bonnet show a light option package, with aluminium trim gear lever (X97), aluminium handbrake (X98), CD player, and heated seats. However, all Turbos came well appointed regardless of options, with full leather, alcantara headliner, power seats, power mirrors, and other luxury options of the day. Pictures of the CoA and factory build sheet are included below. This car is powered by a water cooled, twin turbo, 3.6L flat-six engine. Commonly referred to as a “Mezger” motor, while it shares displacement with lesser 911s of the same generation, it is a different unit altogether. It is not typically affected by the intermediate shaft bearing (“IMS”) or rear main seal (“RMS”) maladies of other 996s. Induction is forced through twin K-16 turbochargers, one on each cylinder bank. Review of datalogs shows this car consistently hits target boost for ambient conditions (datalogs can be provided on request).

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This example is running its stock tune, and no known mechanical modifications have been made to the motor. The engine breathes out of a RUF exhaust, a desirable aftermarket option designed by famed 911 German tuning house RUF. The present and prior owners performed regular oil changes throughout ownership with 5W-40 Motul synthetic oil, and most recently with Motul Sport 5W-40, an ester based synthetic. A recent oil analysis by Blackstone Labs shows low contaminant levels all around, the analyst commenting “You’re taking good care of this Porsche...you’ve got metal reading low across the board… these numbers are still more than adequate to showcase healthy internal wear.” A DME readout can be found below, showing engine hours, over revs, and other pertinent information. The coolant pipes have not been welded or pinned. Other service includes new oil, filter, Bosch spark plugs, updated Beru 997 version coil packs, new battery, and new air filter less than 1,000 miles ago. Also, a major service was done by Porsche of Bellevue (WA) less than 5,000 miles ago, with highlights including new coolant reservoir, coolant flush, and new serpentine belt. Service records include complete records from 2011 to present. Review of the records suggests that prior to 2011, the car was serviced at Porsche Bellevue in Washington, formerly known as Barrier Porsche. An accident free carfax is also included. All known records will be made available to the purchaser.

2001 996 Turbo Rear View

Power is transferred through a 6 speed manual transmission. A short throw shifter is believed to have been installed by a previous owner. The owner has never experienced “2nd gear pop-out,” nor did the two previous owners. A viscous coupling sends power to the front wheels as slip is detected in the rear. The all wheel drive system is fully operational. Traction is managed through Porsche’s PSM traction control system, which can be turned off with a switch on the dash.

The car wears what appear to be original solid spoke “Turbo Twist” wheels. Some curbing is present on the two front wheels. There are no bends or cracks evident. Tires are stock spec Bridgestone SO2A, in stock sizing 225/40-18 (f) and 295/30-18 (r). Tread depth is 4/32” front and 4/32” rear. The car also comes with gunmetal Forgestar F14 wheels in custom a offest, 8 inch wide front, 10 inch wide rear widths, wearing Bridgestone Blizzak LM-35 snow tires, sized 235/40-18 front and 275/35-18 rear. The owner reports that the car is driven periodically through the winter, but notes that very limited road salt is used on the roads in around Montana.

The rear wing functions properly. The hydraulic rams were repaired approximately 10 years ago. There are no known mechanical defects throughout the car. Paint is overall in good condition, there are blemishes consistent with age and mileage. There is a dent above the right rear tire, a scrape above the left rear wheel, and the clear bra shows some oxidation around its edges. The front bumper was replaced with an OEM Porsche unit without the black rubber bumperettes found on early 996TT builds.  The original bumper can be included at the buyer’s choosing.

Inside, the black full leather with alcantara headliner shows well with no cuts, scrapes, scratches or stains. All switchgear and functions operate as they should. The radio has an auxiliary cable plugged into the rear of the deck and fed through a small hole cut in the console. A phone or other music player can be played through the factory system in addition to radio and CDs. There is occasional feedback from the front left speaker, the cause is unknown to the seller.

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