2006 Lotus Elise: Red Sled

Revolving Garage, First Gear Media LLC

Make: Lotus
Model: Elise
Year: 2006
Location: Bozeman, MT
Mileage: 11,148
VIN: SCCPC11136HL31411
Engine: Inline 4-Cyl.
Transmission: 6 Speed manual
Price: SOLD
Contact: info@revogarage.com


Revolving Garage, First Gear Media LLC

Navigation? No. Heated and cooled seats? Nope. On-star? Umm, negatron. Added lightness? YES! If it’s an option you’d typically find in a car dealer’s listing, this Elise probably doesn’t have it. But if you’re seriously interested in this car, you’re probably not looking for those things anyway. What this car has more of than any car on the road today with doors, is a primal driving experience. It came into existence as an experiment in reducing driving to its essence, or, in the words of inspirational Lotus scion Colin Chapman, “simplify, then add lightness.” His signature adorns the inside engine cover.

All that said, the beauty of this car, aside from its looks, is that this is a fully functioning and usable vehicle. It was brought to America by Lotus road legal in 50 states, it has a trunk of surprisingly usable size, a hard top, and a solid stereo. Adding to all of that is Toyota power, a stout Toyota 6 speed trans, and very little electronic foolery to age badly and break (how’s that early 2000s nav system in your loaded BMW? Got the latest DVD map?).

Revolving Garage, First Gear Media LLC

This example shows beautifully in canyon red paint, with biscuit leather interior with black and silver accents. With only 11,148 miles as of writing, it shows as a like-new example. To the best of the seller’s knowledge, he is the second owner of this car (carfax appears to report the intermediary Ferrari dealer as a third owner). It comes with a factory painted hard top, and black canvas soft top. The original owner spec’d this car with the Touring Pack and Sport Pack, and Starshield clear bra was added to areas likely to see rock chips. It wears Yokohama Advan A048 tires in original fitment. The rear tires will likely need to be replaced soon. There are no known mechanical defects or issues. Cosmetically there is a small chip on the edge of the driver’s door, and both headlights have experienced some oxidation/hazing.

Revolving Garage, First Gear Media LLC

The heart of this beastly car is a diminutive 1.8 Liter Toyota inline 4 cylinder which is naturally aspirated. This all aluminum motor was designed by Yamaha for Toyota, and for the Elise, Lotus designed specific intake and exhaust systems, and a unique engine management program. With variable valve timing, lift and phasing, it makes surprising torque for a unit of this size, but the real magic happens on the cam change over deep into the rev range. In the Lotus, it makes 190 hp and 133 lbft of torque, and screams up to a 7,800 rpm redline. The engine is mated to a Toyota derived C64 6 speed gear box.

The owner has performed regular, annual oil changes, the most recent in June of 2019. The rear shocks were replaced with Bilstein original equipment units in July of 2019. The car has no modifications from stock Lotus configuration.

You can't truly understand the size of the Elise until you see it in peson, or next to another vehicle, in this case a 2018 Ford Raptor Crew Cab
You can't truly understand the size of the Elise until you see it in peson, or next to another vehicle, in this case a 2018 Ford Raptor Crew Cab

Seller is amenable to working with remote purchasers on facilitating inspection and/or shipping (at buyer’s expense).

Please contact us at: info@revogarage.com for further information, or to purchase this car.