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Appreciating Depreciation: Why a Ford Raptor is Cheaper than a Chevy Traverse.
We tend to fixate on the purchase price of cars, but that's not really a good metric for what they cost. Christian uses his recent sale of a 2018 Ford Raptor to demonstrate that depreciation is the driving factor in cost of ownership. This principle allows the enthusiast to drive fun, engaging, and cool cars for less than it would cost to own a Chevy Traverse that's seen more kid barf than the Turkish Twist.


A Legend Restored: 1981 Toyota SR5 Pickup
The shear breadth of popularity of the Toyota Pickup is stunning. It is loved by such disparate groups as farmers, jihadists, outdoor sports lovers, and pure posers. And while they all may have unique uses for these trucks, the tie that binds seems to be dependable utility (and cheap may have applied at one time too, but no longer in 2021). Famously, the British show Top Gear once filmed a multitude of unbelievable stunts to try to break a Pickup (known in much of the world as a Hilux), and still failed. In this article we examine a 1981 example that has been restored to an exacting level. In doing so, has it lost its reason for being, or is it better than ever? Let us know what you think in the comments.


A Wagon State of Mind - The BMW F31
Impressions and thoughts on one of the ideal automotive forms: the sport wagon.


Lava Orange Crush - 911 Carrera S Review
Dan and Christian expound on a soda can colored Porsche 911 (991.2) Carrera S with lots of sporty options

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A selection of cool Bozeman, MT area cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale. Find interesting metal lurking in and around the Gallatin Valley and Southwest Montana. 2/24/2023 The last best Bimmer in the Last Best Place? You don't often see new(ish) rwd German sports cars in Montana, but this one comes to us via BaT...

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A periodical journey through whatever automotive topic is around the next corner from Bozeman, MT. What are we buying next? What's happening in the automotive industry? What have we recently done in our own garage?  10/26/2022 Christian explores the etymology of the word Jalopy by first googling the definition of the word "etymology."

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Corvette Drag Racer - Ever ask your wife before a weekend drive: Does this blower make my Butte look big? Click in for more information on this piece of Butte, Montana Drag Racing History.

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